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The two brands of wire I typically use are:

REDBRAND RedBrand produces high quality Non-climb/field fence/barbed and barbless wire. If you would like to read the specs on the wire you can visit their site at:

BEKAERT (High Tensile) Bekaert produces all types of high tensile wire. Check out the specs and what types of wire they produce at:

Boundary Fence

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Wire Fencing

We can construct you a high quality wire fence that will accomplish your goal of providing security to your horses, fencing in your dog, keeping out the deer, defining property lines, or whatever you have in mind. We can use lodge-poles or t-posts depending on what your budget is or the look you desire. All corners, ends and long runs will be braced in order to achieve a nice tight stretch. Types of wire:

a great fence that will keep critters in and critters out. A fixed-knot square 2"X4" mesh wire in hieghts of 3', 4', 5', and 6', comes in silver, black, or green.

Field Fence
a very economical fence great for cattle and goats. Squares are graduated in size, they are smaller near the bottom becoming larger at top. Heights come in 39" and 48"

High Tensile (non-climb/field fence/deer fence) is a wire that has very high tensile strength allowing posts to be spaced farther apart. This wire comes in all styles and heights from 4', 5' , 6, 7'' and 8' perfect for keeping out the deer.

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